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About Us

You may have asked yourself “why isn’t there a fine art museum in Bozeman?” I’ve asked the same question many a time. It is interesting to consider, especially since Bozeman is the only “larger” town in Montana that does not have a fine art museum. We stand alone amidst museums in Billings, Missoula, Helena, Kalispell, Miles City and Great Falls.

We want to change this! The board of directors of the Bozeman Art Museum envisions a welcoming place, exciting and inspiring collections and exhibits, and diverse programs where people of all ages can come together to experience and be inspired by art.

Creating a world class accredited art museum will take some time because we want to do it right and assure sustainability. To that end, our current focus is on thoughtfully building a dynamic and engaged board, developing our operational infrastructure, and meeting community needs through an exemplary educational program, “pop-up” art exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. Each step we take is designed to build our brand and capacity to launch a future campaign for a Bozeman Art Museum.

Every individual in the Gallatin Valley should have access to the transformational power of art. To achieve this, your help is needed in the form of financial support, volunteering, and/or expertise. We are appreciative of the generous support we have received from individuals and foundations and would be honored to have your help as well.

We know that you will be proud to be a part of the Bozeman Art Museum.

Board of Directors

  • Erin Jones Graf, Chairman
  • Barbara Kilbride McGowan, Vice Chairman
  • Shirley J Elliott, MS, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Ilene Graham Kitahara
  • Lathie Poole
  • Tia Goebel
  • Bonnie Ramsey
  • Christina Hafen, MA, MBA
  • Terry Nybo
  • Bonnie S. Mccallum

National Advisory Board

  • Daniel Hitchcock
  • Dr. Daryl Paulson, PhD, MA, MS,MBA
  • James M. Gutting, JD, CPA
  • Troy Redmon, JD.MBA
  • Steven B Jackson, MFA
  • Dorothy Long
  • Bill Jones
  • Steve Huston
  • John Potter
  • Kevin Red Star
  • Dan Messerli

Executive Director

  • Linda Williams, MA

Education Director

  • Pat Hamlin

Upcoming Events


  •  7-K thru 8 art classes begin at Springhill and Pass Creek Schools
  • 14-K-8 art classes continue at Springhill and Pass Creek Schools
  • 14-Downtown Bozeman ArtWalk-Soroptomist Park (Rouse & Main) Brian Persha’s “Pele’ Series” 6:00 – 8:00
  • 18- Lecture by Peter Hassrick at Museum of the Rockies- “Bierstadt and Moran: The Battle for Yellowstone”
  • 19-Board Meeting
  • 21-K-8 art classes at Springhill and Pass Creek Schools
  • 24-Sketch class with Sandra Wilkerson
  • 28-K-8 art classes at Springhill and Pass Creek Schools


  • 1-3 Carolyn Anderson Workshop
  •  5-K-8 art classes at Springhill and Pass Creek Schools
  • 12-K-8 art classes at Springhill and Pass Creek schools
  • 15- K-12 art classes begin for home school students
  • 17-Board Meeting
  • 22-K-12 art classes for home school students
  • 29-K-12 art classes for home school students


  •  5-K-12 art classes for home school students
  •  7-adult painting class at Fish,Wildlife and Parks with Sandra Wilkerson
  • 12-K-12 art classes for home school students
  • 14-Board Meeting
  • 19-K-12 art classes for home school students


4-Lecture at Museum of the Rockies by Leanne K Gilbertson

Much Gratitude to our Supporters:

  • Robert A Day Foundation  *  Montana Arts Council * Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation * Zoot Industries * Bozeman Area Community Foundation- John Ingalls Fund * Montana Right Hand Foundation * Southwest Montana Arts * and numerous private donations


Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to create a place where people of all ages can go to experience the transformational power of art.

Our Mission is to inspire and foster creativity and the love of art through diverse and high-quality exhibits, programs, classes and lectures.


There is no physical building yet, but we are doing great things in the community.

Give us a call at 406-570-1419

email us at

drop us a line at : Bozeman Art Museum P O Box 10547 Bozeman, MT 59719

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